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Bureau of Project, Student Council CUCMS 2010

May 8, 2010

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Tips for Exam by Nur Asyhraff

May 8, 2010

By: Dr^Waqipedia

My best friend, Nur Asyhraff from PMC, he is currently in his final year, tagged me in his notes; tips for clinical year examination. The tips are extremely great and can simply be applied. Most importantly, in principle, it also can be applied for pre-clinical students. I hope the notes will be handy and useful for all medical students especially CUCMS students. Read it and apply it at once.

  1. General Tips
  • Baca buku yang anda sudah familiar
  • Buat framework dan cara menghafal tersendiri. setiap orang ada kelebihan masing-masing. explore cara menghafal anda
  • Jadikan diri seperti span yang menyerap segala ilmu dari sesiapa sahaja yang anda dengar
  • Don’t try to start reading new books if you never read it before. This make you unnecessarily stress and it tends to distract and confuse you
  • Don’t try to finish Kumar and Clark or CPG if you never start it before

  1. First step – Inserting knowledge into short term memory
  • In learning, you will stumble upon new things- new words, jargons, new books, new note, new lecturers
  • This new things/Jargon will you feel bored, tired, lethargy, malaise & so on
  • Therefore, jargon is better heard and remembered from listening from friends and teacher
  • However, concept is better understood from books with good explanations such as Kumar and Clark or OHCM
  • Jot down the jargon and the explanation into your notes


  1. Second step – Inserting knowledge from short term memory into long term memory

    “The next day or the next 12hours try to recall it by talking to yourself, whether you remember it or not. Don’t refer to your notes first. Just jot down whatever you know then refer back to your notes, and rectify your mistakes and add more points. Try to recall it next day, until you really remember it.”

  • Pelbagaikan cara menghafal- Jangan ikut cara tradisional seorang nerd. Duduk sorang2 Sepi keseorangan di library, sambil menghadap buku selama 5jam
  • Anda akan mengantuk jika cara belajar sehala dan berjumpa dengan jargon (Anda berlagak ingin jadi nerd, sedangkan anda seorang yang cool)
  • Buat latihan 
  • Buat mcq, short cases, past year papers 
  • Buat nota, sibukkan diri dengan aktiviti yang pelbagai
  • Baca tutorial lama
  • Buat perbincangan


  1. Last step – Changing your long term memory into brainstem (Make it a Habit)
    Ok, since we now have 3 weeks before exam (hah?! really ah?)
  • Make sure semua nota yang basic sudah ada. Just tambah je input baru
  • Nota yang ada. Ajarkan pada orang lain. Berkongsi dan Tanya apa tak tahu atau tertinggal daripada notes. Don’t use new books because it makes your brain tired. Just use the old notes you has. Look at it again and again, until your brain recognize it and used to it.


  1. In the hospital
  • Make a list of common cases that should be covered in the ward. Make sure you have good examination skills, because you have to be able to elicit signs now.
  • Present your case to your colleagues and discuss about the cases and management. Let them critics you. Be open.

    Just a short note

  • Short term memory is initiated by using the right brain and the left brain. To start using right brain, u must have the prerequisite knowledge (able to use new words and jargon). Then, start developing framework (use right brain) such as- definition, pathophysiology, sign and symptoms, risk factors, differential diagnosis, complication, investigation, management. 
  • After that, sit down without books- just jot down anything that you remember.
  • Then look back to the book or lecture notes, or tutorial, and start rectifying your mistakes in the notes.
  • Then insert it to long term memory by keep repeating it next week.
  • If you are able to blur it out spontaneously when being asked by friend, it means that knowledge is already in your brainstem (becomes your habit).
  • Again, my style might be different from your style. 
  • Explore your strength, because you are unique, just like everyone else. ;p

    So Ilmu (knowledge) –> Iman (belief!) –> Amal (habit)

  1. My old notes on: 10 steps to initiate learning
    1. Go to lectures, read lots and lots of books, newspaper, and dictionary to get to familiarize with the words/jargons.
    2. Practise and use the words/protocol until you understand and able to use it
    3. Use it again and again, repeat it again and again to yourself and others.
    4. Construct a framework of thinking on the subject.
    5. Start intuitive thinking. Just jot down whatever you have in mind.
    6. Start from problem based learning. Read cases from books.
    7. Discuss with the others about the problem.
    8. Argue with others until you reached matured arguments.
    9. When the argument finished, look at the text book and rectify and add more points.
    10. Teach others

My Perception of the Family Medicine Posting

May 7, 2010

In the name of Allah (God), the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful,

All praises belong to Allah alone, the Lord of all the universes and blessings and peace of Allah be upon His messenger Muhammad and on all of his descendents and followers.

“I seek Allah’s refuge from the knowledge which is of no benefit”

As expected, I successfully to stay ‘alive’ until Week 7 of Family Medicine. Thanks to all my group mates and my beloved lecturers who make my life colorful for the past seven weeks.

I could say that Family Medicine has bad impression for me in my first week. It stressed me out when I got consultation from Dr Azizah for first time in life (since secondary till university life) due to absenteeism and late. Honestly I’m not a kind of guy who loves to make up things or putting up any reasons for my own mistakes. I preferred to stay quiet, get my revenge by proving that I’m more than what they can see or expect. Thanks to Allah SWT (and Dr Azizah), I strived and tried to make a different in this posting.

This posting is not hectic and busy like what I expect but it’s tedious. I hate to fill in log books. I hate to ask for signatures and I hate to do things which are not sincerely done by me. It’s like a rebellious part of me but I try to be honest with myself. I want to pass my MBBS with my own values and excel as a great doctor. Therefore, I train myself not to work and study because of log books, not because of signatures and for sure, not for marks.

Furthermore, I also must pretend to be smart! I was asked by Dr Hairel to correct my tie and iron my lab coat. I was like…What?? But I went back and for the rest of the days, I would make sure my lab coat was ironed at least twice per week and of course, always tried as much as I can to look smart. For me, as long as the order is not against Al-Quran & Sunnah, I will not fight for it and learn to obey. Insya Allah, for patience, you will get thousand of benefits.

Nevertheless, on the other side, the system of Family Posting was thoroughly helpful in training us as future doctors. I enjoyed the OPD time the most (minus MCHC, I don’t like it) and service duty in KK Bangi & KK Dengkil. My friends and I learned a lot. Thanks to all my great lecturers, Dr Hazian, Dr Norlehan, Dr Azizah, Dr Lakshmi, Dr Hairel and Dr Siti, I end up enjoying your teachings, except certain debriefing consuming part. It’s great to have debriefing but only for 2 minutes per person. It’s helpful for us to recap and exchange information but if it exhausted us for the next lectures, that’s absurd.

In this posting, I really applied the time management I leant from books and previous courses I had attended. For me, besides studying, I want to accomplish my enthusiasm working as Student Council in Bureau of Project. Being a Student Council is nothing big as far as I’m concern but holding Bureau of Project, that’s my passion and interest. For the past 4 years involving in a lot of students’ program and activities, courses, seminars and event management, I have got the best chance to set up a standard and educate CUCMS community on it. Therefore, I need to arrange my life as best as I can for study time and also for students’ activities. And I really enjoyed my past several weeks because I could accomplish a lot of things. My reflection on that is ‘better be busy for something than busy for nothing’. =)

In this posting, I have done effective revisions whether by myself, with my friends or during clinical teaching. Of course I’m not just aiming to pass the Professional Exam 2 & 3 but it’s really helpful as to be a doctor! I was in love with Murtagh Textbook and I also love the way family medicine taught us. We manage patient holistically, from HOPI, past medical history & etc and also psychosocially. We also learn how to educate patients through advice on therapeutic and non-therapeutic and learn how ro communicate effectively with patients which is for me, make up the great different. Simply to say, I learn so much for my life and future.

Last but not least, GP posting arrangement week is nicely planned. Time schedule is tight but it let the students learn about punctuality and time management. Regarding KKs, improvement needs to be done especially the accommodation part such as aircond and space for more conducive learning place.

Lastly, Family Medicine posting is the best posting I’ve ever gone through, the most effective in term of learning education and other aspects of medicine. Like what I said to Dr Hazian previously, I’m not only looking forward towards my future journey as a doctor in the future or as a scholar but also as an activist in the society. How meaningful my life would be in the future is depends on how much I can contribute to Islam, my society and the world. Insya Allah. I hold onto my words and I’ll realize it one day.

My gratitude towards all related.


April 4, 2010

By: Dr^Waqipedia

*All the date subject to changes

*The actual date for some programmes will be announced soon

Kursus Intensif Perbandingan Agama (Comparative Religion)

March 25, 2010

Oleh: Dr^Waqipedia

Ahad, 28 Mac 2010

Auditorium Utama, Hospital Serdang

Anjuran bersama:

Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia, Selangor Chapter dan Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia, Student Chapter

Dengan kerjasama:

Hospital Serdang, Jabatan Kesihatan Selangor
Islamic Information Service (IIS)


Shah Kirit Bin Kalkulal Godvinji

Pengasas, Islamic Information Service (IIS), bekas penganut Hindu

Lim Jui Soon

Fasilitator, Islamic Information Service (IIS), bekas paderi Kristian

Purple Carnival by Student Council

March 17, 2010

By: Dr^Waqipedia


We are gladly to invite you to the Purple Carnival closing ceremony.

This is the second Purple Carnival organized by the Student Council of CUCMS.   

The purpose of Purple Carnival is to introduce the new elected student representatives for 2010 session to the community of Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) where the students as our target group.  We believe this event is an essential step for the students and societies to get to know the Student Council in this college. 

The details of the event are as below; 

Date                 : 17TH March 2010

Time                 : 8.00 pm

Venue               : Auditorium, Streetmall Campus.

Our President, Dato’ Abu will be present on that day. 

Hence, we are hoping all Excos’ of Student Council could attend this event. However attendance is compulsory for SC high committee members.

On behalf of closing ceremony for Purple Carnival, students are encouraged to wear purple coloured attires.

We are looking forward to have all of you on that day.

Thank you.


Seminar Muslim Super Anjuran I Luv Islam

March 11, 2010

Please visit this site to get the update –

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