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My First Stage of Becoming A Blogger

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It started with a small idea, some courage and a little of effort that gave birth to my first writing. From time to time, I felt a need for a space for me to exchange my ideas and writings. Therefore, I set up a blog using and it became my first trial as a blogger. Accumulating my thought and feelings there for nearly 2 years, I think of separating my blog into 2 divisions.

First, for serious writing, a good-to-go one which cover my interest fields such as medicine, business & investing, program management and political & religious views. I made a new blog under and allocate all my best writings there. It was my first step of stepping on my ladder towards my dream and successful life. So, welcome to my wordpress, Dr^WaqiPedia’s Blog!



The second one is more photo-oriented which contain my words, my traveling, my experiences and the best views of this world. It is my first ever photoblog.



For social and networking, I preferred Facebook better than Friendster or Myspace although I actually signed up and joined all of them. For me, Facebook has a lot more to offer besides social and networking. It has a bunch of extremely good functions which are not restricted for certain things and can cover up to business and profit job.



I also learned the existence of e-photo album in the internet. It feels great when you can store as many pictures as you want and it’ll never lost, except you forget the username or password. However, I was not sure myself which one was better but I end up using Flickr. =)


Picture1xcv b

Previously, I felt that sometimes I need space and privacy for myself. It’s like a rehabilitation when I really need time to be alone and eventually I created a blog just for the sake of it.

I am sure that all of them will give me great contribution in my life afterward. I want them to accompany and record my life journey till one day it will be ready for a perfect biography. Insya Allah.

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