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Pieces of My Dream

June 12, 2010

By: Dr^Waqipedia

I applied for Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) 2010 sponsorship and the last assignment is to write an essay which is 500 words. Unfortunately, I was too absorbed with my work and end up till 1500 words. Here you; this is my story tale of my dream and future.

Interested Area: Entrepreneurships, Medical Related & Health Awareness

The first time I read the essay question from YLA, I could only think of several community based project that I previously have organized before for the past 4 years studying in CUCMS. I involved in a lot of events, seminars, carnival, talk and tour while at the same time, managed community based project especially the one with medical related such as circumcision in large scale, medical checkup carnival and school tour motivational talk plus teaching basic life support for secondary students.

Before I elaborate further, I would like to stress on the real principle of doing a community based project as it is for the sake and benefit of public and the whole country. Besides immediate aid or giving them any service, element of education for long term benefit must be included as it’s the true benefit which we, as community based service provider should offer.

Out of all project I had managed beforehand, I find out that teaching basic life support in schools is quite interesting when some additional package are being included such as motivational talk, health promotion and career guide. I named it after BLS Training School Tour. It has started since 2008; in small scale and BLS team had their tour on twelve schools in 4 months. The responses are great especially from the school teachers and students. However, due to financial reason and man power, it stuck.

It’s a disappointing period where a lot of schools called and the team had to refuse them. They had mentioned how much it was in fact benefited their students and inspired them to do their very best in studies and future. They also were pleased to have us teaching the students basic life support and first aid skills with very cheap fees compared to the courses provided by any other NGOs.

Early this year, I took the challenge of taking the project and start it back. My management team shortlisted our own goals such as aiming for large scale school tour covering area outside KL and Selangor, free in service provided, able to increase the students’ awareness besides training them to be competent in basic life support skills and able to act quickly in emergency condition.

I got them set up the goals first for the sake of brainstorming our action plan as to make it tally with everything that we are working for. To provide a free teaching tour, we planned for corporate sponsorship and getting grant from health ministry. Recruitment of committees who can handle all the management stuff such as promotion, sponsorship, marketing, multimedia, resource and technicality is compulsory for managerial purpose. In the mean time, they need to polish their skills by joining any seminar regarding soft skills or doing training of trainees. Besides that, connection and networking is one of the most essential element needed for collaboration purpose while helping the smooth running of the project.

I stress the importance of this school tour because it teaches the students two important life-saving module; basic life support plus first aid training and health understanding especially for drug abused and smoking. Look, prevention is better than cure as Malaysian government would be able to save thousands in cash if the civilians know better to help casualty first hand than just leave them behind before the ambulance come. Every minutes count in saving people. Although the different is just 5 minutes, the management and cost of treatment would be greatly poles apart. Same goes to how much Malaysia can save money by avoiding the rising number of drug abusers or smoking related disease such as chronic bronchiectasis, asthma or lung tumor.

Actually, this project is not only for one year duration and for several schools but I plan it into four phases. The first phase is getting corporate sponsorship and goes to 5 schools for free. The second one, after we have good publicity from media, we will charge the schools RM10 per student for three compact modules. It’s far than reasonable because from our research, the least cheap one for basic life training is RM200 above per person. However, for any schools who invite us, the fees will be slightly higher based on negotiation and miles.

Next, the third phase is increasing the fees to a reasonable prices depend on the market once this project has already established and well-known in society. At the same time, I will work on building a doctors’ team who are focusing in teaching this special module towards any big company and at the same time, building their work spirit and teamwork. This special module will include the special training for disaster purpose and construction preparedness.

Last one, the fourth phase is open up a company which focusing in training of the areas before plus inspiring people to make great things in life and serve our nation. The best service for a nation is building their future leadership generation and that will be my greatest contribution to my beloved nation and Malaysia.

The planning is simple and nice but to work out all those three phases will take more than a year, maybe 10 years but I will make a few amendments in order to make it real. For me, besides having a great amount of cash from a business like this, I will surely consider my contribution towards society and leaving a legacy of educating people in the future.

This is my first project as a ladder towards business life and as I have made it into the third phase, I would consider of collaborating with international emergency and disaster team in training people around the world, investing in real estates, franchising with several healthy foods corporations such as Ayamas and Kenny Rogers and of course, joining medical tourism. Medical tourism is the biggest opportunity to develop once I can have a good link and network with several specialist hospitals and tourism agency because Malaysia is significantly great in both sides.

The last dream of me is having my own hospitals which are relatively cheap for poor people with a big laboratory for research on vaccination production and also for drugs production. I highlight of vaccination production because until now, Malaysia is depending on the imported vaccines and it is very costly due to shipping cost, maintenance and its own production. For drugs production, it’s for medical purposes and what use of hospitals if they can’t afford or prescribe a good medication to patients. What I can summarize here, everything is related and if I am only good in medicine, I can only help hundreds of people but if I can realize this dream, it will help thousands of people in Malaysia and maybe throughout the world.

Do you believe in my dream? Once you read everything above, can you do me a favor? Please train me to be a great manager, to be a great leader, to be really great so I can realize my dream. Thank you.

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  1. ammar permalink
    June 26, 2010 2.45 am06

    Subhanallah ,brother . May Allah grant all of tour dream.

  2. Dr^Waqipedia permalink*
    October 9, 2010 2.45 am10

    Insyallah =)

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