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Template of Program Report

May 22, 2010

By: Dr^Waqipedia

Below are the template and example for a program report expected from student activities or program. Hopefully it will be helpful to all CUCMS students. Please be reminded, report must be submitted at least 10 days after the program, for documentation and money claim form purposes.


Name of Program 



Date & Day 











(respective club or society)

List of Committee (s)


(list down the name of committees in charge & what bureau/commmittee they are in )


Program manager – Zulfathi

Ass. PM – siti raihan

Sec Treasrure &

Program Coordinator – salehuddin


Participant (s) 


(state background & number)

Eg: 60 CUCMS students & lectures, 25 MMU students & 2000 villagers of Kampung Neocyber

Special Guest (s) 


(state name, designation & roles during program)


Main speaker

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hatta Shaharom (Dean Faculty of Medicine, CUCMS)


Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (Honorary Fellow, Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana)

Objective (s) 


(list the possible objective – be precise, not just copy paste from proposal)



(give the exact program flow that happen on the day, not from paperwork)

Remark (s) 


(explain the about reported program, if can, relate it to objectives)

Eg: It was a very successful program. Audience gathered in the auditorium at early morning until no seat was left emptied. 2 prominent speakers have attracted the audience. They talked about generating leadership quality in the medical students. …..

General Feedback 


(general feedback from the participants & committees)


the program should be organized outside CUCMS next time

the program should be organized again next semester

Problem (s) & Post Mortem 


(state the flaw, error etc – the best is to use SWOT)

Eg: seat is not enough

Expenditure (s) 


(give the brief exact expenditure that being used for the program, not from paperwork)



(hope & feeling from committees – briefly)

Eg: All committees are satisfied with the programs. Our program manager will treat us all with Satay Kajang. Thanks to all.


** Please 2-3 pictures contained of committee members & the day of program with short words


Prepared by,



Salwa Abdul Halim


CUCMS Carnival 2009


Checked by,



Mohd Waqiyuddin Baderol Allam

Program Manager,

CUCMS Carnival 2009


Verified by,



Ida Syarmilla Mohd Noor

Student Affair CUCMS

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  1. ammar permalink
    September 7, 2010 2.45 am09

    tq bro wafi for such a gud help

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