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Guide for Student Activity Proposal

May 15, 2010

By: Dr^Waqipedia

Proposal Section

  • Title
    • For this part, it’s simply the first page or the cover of the proposal, like the example above. Please include the name of the programme, theme (if provided), date, venue and the organizers.
    • Logo of the organizers must be included but not all, just two, first is the organizer and second is the first, biggest sponsor.

  • Project Overview
    • Project overview is like the summary of the programme. Everything that you can inform to other people in 2 minutes. Make it brief, concise and include all the very important stuff.


  • Background Information/Statement of Problem
    • This part is also the justification part. It justified you why did you proceed with this program, what is the cause and urge for you to go on with this program. For example, medical check up in a rural area. You choose that place because of the poor community, a lot of patients, good cooperation from the villagers and so on.
    • You can also include the background information such as your previous achievement in that area of event management. Example, like me and several of my comrades, we have done and organize several Le Tour de Programme which covered every single state in Malaysia except Sarawak, so we can put some information on our previous program and state what improvement that we want to make in this programme.
    • However, sometimes, you can combine this part with the overview if you find it’s suitable and tally with what you want to say.


  • Project Detail
    • Goals & Objectives – set your objectives as formal as you can but please put the short term goals first then the long term one. I stress on this because, the end of program, if you are a good project manager, you will get back to your objectives and check whether you have achieved it or not. Please make your own post mortem on yourself, it’s one of the important characters for future leader, so that you can improve and improvise what you did now in the future.

    • Details of the programme i.e. name of programme, theme, duration, organizer, venue, target group, transportation and its accommodation. Simply to say, everything details needed for a participant or viewer to know.


    • Staff/Administration/Organizing Committee

    • Methods especially tentative program and what I have mentioned above such as transportation & accommodation

  • Available Resources & Needed Resources
    • Personnel
    • Facilities
    • Equipment/Supplies/Communication
    • Budget (Expected Income-Expected Expenses)

      **Below are the examples of all those above, I combine them all in proposed budget based on committee I had or maybe you can put based on activity done.





  • Evaluation Plan
    • Evaluation plan is about the timeline of the event, means what are you planning to do from now, which is maybe 4 months before event or program. You can simplify it like my second example. Otherwise, I think the best is the second one but make it understandable.

    First Example – Vertical

    First Example – Horizontal

  • Appendix
    • It’s good to have appendix. It helps the viewer of the proposal to fully see the important details and put the lengthy one at the back, with numbering so that the viewer can easily flip on to that page. Normally, parts which being kept as appendix are organizational chart, tentative program, evaluation plan and proposed budget.


  • Others
    • Please put numbering for every page.
    • Beware of your font and its size. I suggest Times New Roman, Calibri or Book Antiqua for font and 11 for its size.
    • Last but not least, don’t forget about the signature; secretary, program manager and your advisor. Must be hand-written, not type-printed.

That’s all from me. I hope the guide above help you to remind and keep you inform what needs to be highlight in a proper proposal. Please use it fully and any inquiry, please ask me through email: Let’s learn together. =)

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