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Financial Freedom Origin

January 24, 2010

By: Dr^Waqipedia

A friend asked me, why you want money and why you want to become wealthy. How is your plan to achieve it?

My answer is simple, the same reason as Abu Bakar As-Siddiq and Uthman Ibnu Affan did, take business as their profession while at the same time, use these profession to make great input for the sake of Muslim community, not for themselves. In hadith, it’s already mentioned that business takes 90% of income of Muslim community world.

In a book written by Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali; My Dear Beloved Son & Daughter, there are some words that I would like to exchange here. This is words from Hatim Al-Asam, a sufi who accompanied Shaqiq Al-Balkhi for 30 years, when he was asked by Shaqiq, what did he gain from him for the last 30 years. He answered of eight benefits and one of them is about properties and wealth. He said;

“I saw that every human being is trying their best to accumulate as much as they can from this world and then holding onto it strongly. I meditated on the Quranic verse “What is with you must vanish; what is with Allah must endure”. So I gave freely my worldly possessions for His sake by distributing them among the poor so that it would be my provision in the future with Him the Exalted.”

How much money that you accumulate, if you use it for yourselves, it will be effective in this world only but not hereafter. That means, if you utilize it for the sake of Islam and mankind, it will be like doing two things in one time. It’s a better investment; for this world and hereafter. I believe my intention is true but how could I achieve it? To answer it, it takes quite of time for me to read, learn, think, analyze and apply it in life. The questions are not only about what I have to learn or what kind of business or investment that I should do but it also involved how reliable the things you do in term of ‘halal’ or ‘haram’.

Actually, I just finished my holiday for one week after Psychiatry posting and Alhamdulillah, it was one of the best and meaningful holiday for me. I have a lot tonnes of reasons to get really indulge in this holiday. I have gone through a lot for the last three semesters and honestly, I need three dimensional space to ‘wake up’ for the sake of my professional exam at the end of this year. Less to say, I took the full opportunity of the last one week holiday to rest, peace my mind and doing what I really want to do (maybe for the rest of my life); reading and investing.

So, let’s stop talking about other thing and focus on business and investing. Business and investing is related to risks, thrill, wealthy and financial freedom. To achieve wealthy or financial freedom, it takes a great amount of courage, experiences, efforts, knowledge, analyzing ability, calmness and frugality. How I learn about this? It’s started with my observation on ‘rich’ people when I was a 12 year old kid but from time to time, the way I perceive them is different. Then, four years ago, in my first year of medical school, I took one step forward; I bought a book written by Robert T. Kiyosaki, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

Reading the book changed my perception on wealth and investing. At the moment, I knew I had to invest on my ‘knowledge’ first. I tried to attain it more by buying his other books, try to read and understand it. However, I didn’t put my full effort to understand and utilise the contents of those books written by him. I neglected it nearly a year due to my commitment towards PPIM.

When I started back, I felt like to go back from the future. I regret for procrastinating and find out how much I had waste my time. Maybe what young folks said is true, ‘Time is money’. Actually, it is not money but the experiences which I could gain from the time I left behind. The sooner I join the ‘party’ or the ‘market’, the earlier I can reach wealthiest or financial freedom.

For the time around, I, little by little, did my readings on certain books and try to learn as much as I can but learning by me is quite hard. I turned back to what Donald Trump said which meant like this, ‘To reach your dream, you need friends or team mates who believe in your dream, work with you and has their own specialties to complete each other’. Well, it goes back to team works and group based learning to reduce time consumption and raise the level of understanding, which means no self studying.

I read all these three books written by Robert T. Kiyosaki; Rich Dad Poor Dad, Quadrant Cashflow and Guide to Investing and certain articles from Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. However, I realized then that my foundation of financial freedom has got some loop holes which need to be close as soon as possible but I, myself, was not very sure of what I lack of.

Soon, I stumbled upon a book which actually has been recommended by Robert T. Kiyosaki besides Think and Grow Rich (Napolean Hill); which is The Millionaire Next Door written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. I bought and read it. I took nearly one week to finish it and it’s AWESOME! No wonder he recommended people to read this book before dwelling seriously with investing. In this book, they mentioned about the criteria and features of people who are millionaires based on the research and survey that took years to finished. Being a millionaire is not based on high monthly income but on abundance of net worth. The idea here, ‘owns substantial amount of appreciable assets than displaying high consumption lifestyle’. It looks simple but it goes back on the attitude and principle of life.

Therefore, I want to exchange my own understanding of the real features, attitude and insight of real millionaire or wealthy people whom in simple word, they are people who can live for years without ever working after they retired but at the same time, they still can make their own contribution towards society and mankind. There are several features and I will write about it one by one so people can have great understanding on what I mean and what I have gone through. If I am bluffing, may Allah SWT correct me. Honestly when I wrote down those features of a millionaire, I imagined myself as future Muslim millionaire who is mentoring my apprentice to become better than me.

To be continued….


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