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‘The Doctor’ by Tun Mahathir

August 30, 2009

By: Dr^Waqipedia


Tun Mahathir is someone who I respect and think highly of in certain aspects especially on his idea and thinking, his contribution and also on his spirit and love towards country. Although his actions sometimes unlikely preferable for someone like me but when I rethink back I know that certain actions or moves that he makes are for people’s and country’s sakes (in his own way). He has been bearing the responsibility to take care of millions of Malaysian citizen for more than 20 years. Every day, when he was our prime minister, he had to make great decisions which could decide the future of our country and millions of Malaysian citizens.

Therefore, for certain parts, I take his words and put a lot of thinking on it. Several weeks before, he gave talk to MBBS graduates from IMU and his speech was overwhelming. Although I was not there but my friend said it’s a great talk. It opened up their mind to think more laterally.

Let’s take some essences in his words, passion and hope regarding a profession called doctor.

“Medicine is not just a profession, or a qualification for earning a good income. It is a vocation, a calling which involves dedication to the job of healing the sick and caring for them.”

“What their qualification confers upon medical graduates is not just a degree but as doctors they have been elevated to a special status and endowed with special powers. They would have in them the capacity to inspire confidence and trust in their patient. The confidence and trust are such that people would literally entrust their lives to them, allowing them to cut open their bodies and do things which could kill if done by others.”

However, he felt disappointed when some medical students who graduated and becoming the doctors did not even think of it and prefer to pursue his profession in overseas and work for grant income. For him, those students did not appreciate how much they own to the society in which they were brought up to be educated to the highest level. A poor society, an unstable society, an uncaring society would not be able to give them even primary education, much less training to become a doctor because the cost borne is high. For that reason, they are actually owed a debt and working for society through the service in which they are trained is more appropriate than working in overseas.

He is dissatisfied with some who easily enticed by higher pay in other countries which has nothing to do for their education and training. ‘Our nation loses a lot when the people we train opt to work in other countries,’ said him. He expected them to offer their services to the society in Malaysia whether the Government or if this is not attractive enough (at least their country), they can earn a good pay in Malaysia’s private sector.

Besides that, he also objected with MMA’s decision to close the country to outsiders’ doctors although at the same time, our country is losing the ‘brains’ that have been developed without any foreign brain coming in. No replacement doctors for our doctors who leave the country. The flow is one way. That’s why he asked for that change.

My Attribute


For me, I understand his hope to see our country develops with our own ‘hands’. Train and educate our own people, send them overseas to learn new things and then come back with new knowledge that can be shared with our next generation. I can sense that he is thinking with ‘end in mind’ where one day, the knowledge that has been gained can be expand further and let us stand as high as the other developed country in any specialties. That’s why he thought of to build up Cyberjaya and Putrajaya cities.

To think highly and prioritize other things than ourselves is an attitude that must be developed. It’s a passion that Tun Mahathir has developed for more than 30 years working and sacrificing for the sake of the country and nation. It’s a part of him that I respected so much.

A word from Bill Gates;

We want to give it back to society in the way that it will have the most positive impact. I want to make a positive contribution to the world.”

If Tun Mahathir strives to make things better for our country and nation, I want to expand it more to the whole world; for Islam and the whole ‘ummah’. It’s my dream to contribute as much as I can to my country, to my nation but I believe that if I prioritize Islam & the ‘ummah’, I will put the same portion of my contribution to the others. I believe that anyone who help and strive for Allah SWT’s religion, he will help us back.

To fulfill my dream and make a positive contribution to the world, becoming a doctor and great surgeon is the first step toward others. Insya Allah.


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