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My Generation…

June 24, 2009

By: Dr^Waqipedia

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.”


My life without television…

Watching television is not a routine for me especially when I was in clinical year. I watched TV when I went to DPP or luckily at any stall which has interesting shows. I don’t feel any attachment to it and never regret if I could not see television for long. I was born being trained to prioritize studying, reading and doing outdoor activities such as climbing or sports. Until now, my parent never bought a ‘fine’ TV and my brother and sisters are not allowed to watch except getting permission from my father. Although it looks like we were being controlled but I think it helps me and my siblings to grow with a different perception towards life.

Television….the reality and its effects to us…

Having a television gives us chance to stay tune with the world out there, spend time with family and laugh together; it’s all are beneficial. However, for some concrete reasons, I find out that TV nowadays is becoming one of the reasons that spoil our teens and the next generation. It is proved by how much entertainment were bestowed upon Malaysian’s citizen without a good control on it. Five years ago, starting with Akademi Fantasia on ASTRO, there have been so much entertainment shows that came up and it becomes a trend. TV1 with Ole-ole (I’m not sure myself), TV3 with Mentor, ASTRO with Pentas Anak Wayang and a lot more. This kind of entertainment shows has very high rate of followers’ especially Malaysian citizens aged around 10 to 28 years old, in other words, the youth. I didn’t deny that there are good educational shows that beneficial to all of us such as in ASTRO Oasis but how many of Malaysian citizens choose it? And how many takes full advantage from it? It is really a challenge for us in educating the future generation when all trends; whether good or not from West being brought into our country without limitation.

We can see the effects of all the trends displayed in the movie and drama or from the artists through the reflection of our youth. I list it down several of them.

  1. Smoking among the women but the saddest part, it has become a trend among the students.
  2. Increasing juvenile cases from gangsterism, rape, vandalism and a lot more. It reflects our youth behaviors.
  3. The fashion and trends of clothes which has become more ‘daring’ lately. There is no more significance of ‘jatidiri Melayu’ or what so ever.

My experiences during motivational talk…and my conclusion…

This holiday, I was assigned to give a motivational talk to secondary school students. Although most of them are candidates for SPM this year, I find that in term of mentally, they are not really prepared for the life in matriculation or university. I find that they are more interested in entertainment, not studies. For guys, they spend more time on playing games in archade, girlfriends, ‘jamming’, skipped the class and ‘rempit’. For girls, they prefer to indulge in gossips of artists, having boyfriend, ‘hair rebonding’, watching Akademi Fantasia or Mentor and hanging out. They are not bad, just they don’t know how to spend their time, and because they are not sure of themselves, what they are meant for. I started my questions by asking their ambition, what they plan for it and what they see themselves in the future. Only several of them can explain specifically what they are planned to do in the future but none of them mentioned about their contribution to society and nation.

In term of motivation, of course they lack of it. For the Muslim students, none of them in the class can completely do the five prayers every day. Of course, when I asked more details I find that television and it shows tremendously affect their mentality and how they thought.

I can conclude here that our youth don’t have the spirit or motivation to become a better person. Too much time for themselves make them too comfortable and complacent with their lives. Because of that, they never care about what happened in this world, neglect their own responsibility towards family and God, and choose to indulge in their own satisfaction; music, ‘couple’, game and etc. it does not mean I refuse them all but there must be limit towards own satisfaction.

Where are our leaders when they are needed to do the change?

I feel really disappointed towards the leadership nowadays when they seem to be ignoring these problems. They are more interested arguing with each other, with such issues like One Malaysia and ‘Kerajaan Perpaduan’, only concerned with their own political career and proud with their own achievement without realizing the internal issues. What is the significant of it if the youth are spoilt? No one can continue the ambition and works if there is no suitable replacement! Do we hope the spoil people lead the nation and country? If we let this, we are just letting our country to be colonized back by the West. Not through war but mind setting. And in 20 years, Malaysia will become nothing in the world map.

Do we realize how much money have the government spend for youth in order to educate and develop them to have a quality in themselves? From ‘Rakan Muda’, PLKN and etc, our leaders are trying their best in order to produce generations that are good in cognitive and affective domains. However, why the problems are still not solved but from day to day it becomes worst?

My point of view, there must be something wrong with our own educational system. We are trying very much to produce intelligent people but we abandon the affective domain practices. The affective domain, it involves the self-relation to God, society and country which reflects through their attitude, emotion and mind set. That is why the problems are not solving. We just plainly are producing more and more ‘intelligent, bad guy’. I will write my own perception towards Malaysia’s educational system in other post.

What I hope from our youth and Malaysia’s leadership?


I remember what Barrack Obama said in one of his famous speech;

“Today, I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. However, the solution is always out there, but it may not come easily or freely.  In life there are no easy fixes, no short-cuts and no magic potions”.

It’s not easy to solve this problem. It takes time, patience, perseverance and ‘power’ to produce a great generation; time to wait for the outcomes, patience and perseverance in educating them and ‘power’ to set a system which can improve the cognitive and affective domain of future generation. Hasan Al-Banna has said in one of his book, to produce a generation with ‘quality’, three components is needed which are ‘murabbi mithali’ (teacher or anyone who can teach and show good examples at the same time), ‘manhaj tarbiyyah’ (good educational system) and ‘biah solehah’ (great condition and surrounding that can influence people to do good deeds).

However, if we see the reality nowadays, we lack almost the entire requirement. We have educational system but lack of focus on affective domain; we have leaders but did not show good examples to people; and less environment that suitable to bring up our children becoming a good person. I am not yearning to be perfect but we have to strive for it, if not our future generation will go down. Therefore, our leaders have to reflect back the system and don’t be prejudice on certain systems. I feel disappointed when certain leaders think that Islamic education is not good enough although a lot of great philosophers have been generated such as Ibnu Sina, Al-Khawarizmi, Ibnu Rusyd, Al-Razi and etc. They have made significant contribution to our generation in a lot of aspects and their influences have improved the world to better one. The question is why we are so scared to use similar education while we know the consequences will be better?

I really hope to be the person who works for it, strive to build the system and set the condition while at the same time becoming a good example for others. It is hard, but I think this is my contribution towards Islam, society and country. And at the same time, I want to have substitutes that consist of youth that realize the responsibility and can share my dream. I want youth who spend their days, 70% to think and work for the sake of society and nation and spend the other 30% for entertainment. They yearn for improvement day by day; ask people to do good deeds and advice people on their mistakes. They won’t back down even when they are being teased or their life become difficult. They will accept it and don’t ask for revenge. What they want, what they work for, is for the sake of Islam, country and nation. I’m longing for this kind of generation.

A friend reminds me;

“Jalan menuju ke syurga itu tidak akan dihampari permaidani merah yang lurus, kemudian ditabur dengan bunga-bunga tetapi jalan menuju ke syurga itu adalah jalan yang bengkang bengkok, rapuh, penuh dengan semak samun serta ditaburi dengan duri yang terpacak. Janganlah seseorang hamba itu mengharap selain kepada tuhannya dan janganlah dia takut selain kepada dosanya”

He also reminds that if we want to ask the society for a change, it has to start from us. If we could not show good examples, the change won’t come because we will become a hindrance to ourselves. And his last word, when you ask for them, does it with the best way, in a good way.

Lastly, my final word…

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”


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