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Perception Of Paediatrics Posting

June 12, 2009

By: Dr^Waqipedia

In the name of Allah, the Merciful and the Compassionate,

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Thanks to Allah SWT to give me life and strength to go through Paediatrics posting. Although it’s only 8 weeks but I have learned a lot from the posting. This posting used to be one of the most uninteresting posting besides Public Health posting but in the end, I think I enjoy it as much as I enjoy Surgery posting. In the end, it is the last posting for third year and thanks to Allah SWT, I have finished my 3rd year and I have had to be ready for my 4th year.

Paediatric posting is nearly comparable to Internal Medicine posting due to similar cases and need a strong will to memorize everything under ‘the sky’. The differences are type of patients; children or adult and specification of cases in the wards. In Paediatrics ward at Hospital Serdang, the cases are mostly about respiratory problems such as pneumonia, acute bronchiolitis and croups besides meningitis, febrile seizures or leukemia. There are also other cases such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, heart problems and Kawasaki disease. For me, it becomes interesting because I have done Internal Medicine and Surgery posting. The laughable part is I feel that ‘interesting’ feeling in the 6th week, the week where I fall sick and got to rest for one week.

I fall sick for three weeks and for one week I had to stay at home during the period. I feel lucky to have understanding friends and parent. They took care of me and gave me support to get back to work. During the period, I did not do much except lying on the bed. I only woke up to pray, to eat, and to go to toilet. Besides that, I would do my case write ups which I really put my efforts in them, like in Surgery posting. I have five cases reserve for it which is bronchopneumonia, bronchial asthma, dengue fever, leukemia and febrile seizure but at last, I choose the first three. I choose them because it is easy to understand and I can explain about the patient better compared with the other two. I have to express my appreciation to my friend, Murni Hayati in UM, 5th year medical students who help me in doing the case write ups to the standard. She gave me a lot of tips for Paediatrics and at the same, corrects my case write ups thrice. I have to redo my case write ups several times because she said that my first case write ups were too tedious, just ‘copy and paste’ and did not live to the real standard of competent medical students. I have to admit it though.

After going through these three important postings, I think I have improved my critical thinking on diagnosing certain diseases. The basic which included taking history of patients, doing physical examination that related with, presenting the case and planning for the lab investigation. I learned to make it all tally with my knowledge where everything I did, must have the reasons. Therefore, I find that doing case write ups really help me in studies and at the same time; boost my interest in Paediatrics posting. The disappointing part is I did not get good marks in clinical examination although I get a case which is almost similar to my first case write up; lobar pneumonia. I think I know my weakness; which is lack of knowledge.

Lack of knowledge occurred because I find myself to study for the sake of exam. I did not really ‘apply’ them in my life. I did not make it tally with my own way of thinking and my way of study. Put it this way, I read and read but at last, when people asking me to explain it; I only can explain like what the text book stated. It is lame and ‘copy and paste’. It is not come from my own brain and it didn’t simplify according to my understanding. The other important thing I have to improve is my oral presentation. It always my weakness and it worsen with my lack of practice. I have to use my three months ‘holiday’ to improve this to the level of expectation.

In this posting too, I find my way of study. I could not study by myself for sure, I need to have discussion group or peer to have two way of learning. I also could not read thick and bulky book which will immediately reduce my reading effort. That’s why my solution is to read simple books and absorb the other details through the discussion group. In this posting, I joined study group with Anuar, Zahir, Amirul, Farah, Liyana and Diyana but at the same time, I have Sheriman to do informal discussion. My limit of studying is 45 minutes and more than that will be a waste. I would stop and do anything else. I prefer reading books, writing in my blogs, or go out hanging to interesting places. I also spend my time practicing bowling and planning for any future programs for students. I am not a typical medical student; I am someone who is active in outdoor activities and satisfied with a busy life which I enjoyed. I am determined to live to the fullest, achieving the best in my life. For me, I am sure I will become a doctor but what type of doctor, I will decide it myself.

A doctor said to me, “Becoming a doctor, you can heal several peoples, but if you become the policy maker and a minister of health, you can save thousands of peoples”. It has deep meaning for me and I set my mind that I will achieve it one day. Till now and for another several years, I am developing all the qualities to become someone who are qualified for it. I want to save life of peoples but I also want to educate people to lead a good life which include health of body and soul. To achieve it, I believe that live in religious life will bring us sovereignty and best of life. Medicine and religious is like ‘irama dan lagu’. It can’t be separated because it relates and balance each other. Look how much God has given us although not all peoples take notice of it. God gave us life, oxygen to breathe, health, money and etc but how many of us accept it with full of gratitude and use the gifts for good sake?

In this posting, I also get a good reflection from a patient of mine. To be honest, I did clerk several patients only in this posting but thanks to God, every patient of mine is very interesting and I learn a lot from them; in medical and life aspect. My third patient for case write up, Parshad, an 8 year old Indian boy has said to me;

‘Maybe I am sick now but God knows better. When I am sick, my parent who is always busy, slowly to spend time with me that never happen before. I also learn the feeling of sick persons’.

He said to me when his parent was not around. It reminds me of a word in Al-Quran;

“Though you dislike it and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a things which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know”

(Surah Al-Baqarah: 216)

For me, every hardships and obstacles that come through your life, God has had set it for us. He knows better how weak His creation but at the same time, he knows how strong them. As Our Creator, He knows what the best is for us and what is not. However, not all people realizes it and when bad things happen to them, they regret it and forget God.

I would like to express my appreciation to all the lecturers who teach me in Paediatric posting. Thanks to Prof Amaluddin who had done a lot for us so we can learn and gain as much as we can from this posting. Thanks also to Dr Khairul and Dato’ Dr Musa for their great lectures and advices. Not forgetting Dr Norra, Dr Ruhaiza and Dr Afizah, they are all great. Although they always tease us, but their play as bad people has pushed us to become better person. At the end of the posting, I feel that they are much closed to us.

Lastly, as usual in other perception for clinical posting, I would like to thank my group and peers for being the best mate and helping each other. No one can deny that our group is the best and most dynamic one and we are really close to each others. I hope all of us will pass the Peadiatrics posting with flying colors and finish up MBBS together. I look forward to see what we will be in the next 15 years in the future. Insyallah, may Allah SWT bless us all, in this world and heaven.

To the top and par excellence!!

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  1. Dr^Waqipedia permalink*
    June 24, 2009 2.45 am06

    Dr AAA: Your group is crowned champion. Best group in 3rd year.

    it is the proof of our perseverance….and our friendships…

  2. November 4, 2009 2.45 pm11

    i just wanted tell you that your forum is stuning

    thank you

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