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Never Back Down

May 17, 2009

By: Dr^Waqipedia

Looking at my reflection in the mirror this morning, I see a reflection of a full spirit and happy person, look tired but the eye shone with light and spirit. I stare back and I found out that I had forgotten to see that reflection since 4 months ago. It is a reflection of a strong person and I can feel the ‘aura’ or burning sensation which flashes back through the eye. However, this mirror image is far different from previous reflection. It is far stronger and feels like the man in the reflection can grab everything in this world. Although he happened to stumble down badly before but from it, he tried to stand up back and progressed from it endlessly. Of course, he has a lot of weaknesses but he never back down. His rule of life, no. 15 stated,

“My weakness is my strength, that’s what makes me great and GREATER”

That rule is my rule, which developed through experience, fall and failure. Several friends asking me why am I look very different nowadays, happy, energetic and more focus which 180 degree different with my previous four-month image. My only answer is, I have dreams to pursue and it is not just dreams, it is my future, my dignity and my pride. And a man who pursues his dreams with all his might is a strong man. Also, a man who pursues his future is the happiest person in this world. Having target in life will make a big difference and set apart between a weak personality and the great one. “That’s why aku nampak lain.” I answered the question and laughed.

The answers I gave have various responses from them but most of them are very positive. Actually, it doesn’t matter because it is me who want to change and open up my own path to become a great man. For me, I have three pathways to choose, first, become a loser, second, lead a normal life and third, become ‘somebody’. I choose to be somebody but to lead that path; I need to pay a high price. My rule of life, no 17 stated,

“To stand high, to stand at the top, I will struggle to death, go through all the hardships and when the time comes, Allah SWT will reward me everything I struggled for”

I accept that challenge and now, I’m working for it. I couldn’t stand to live like a cockroach; I want to live to the maximum. Therefore, giving up on life, never struggle for what I want in life is like I’m dead. As long as I can go, I will move my body to the limit. Is there any reason for my obstinacy? Maybe for me, it is only for two reasons; for my own satisfaction and for Islam & ummah. Stephen Covey in his 8th Habit of Effective Person book, the 4th habit that must be built in us is Thinking for Win-Win situation and fulfill the Principles of Mutual Benefit. At least, on the way I ascend to the top, I can contribute a lot more to Islam and my society.

Like what had been stressed in Surah Ar-Rad: 11 Allah SWT has cited that;

“I will not change the condition of a people or community as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves”

Therefore, here I am, ready for it! Ready for change and improvement. For that reason, I remind myself every day to make sure it really sticks in my mind; the goal and the target. Denis Waitley said,

“The secret to productive goal setting is to established clearly defined goals, write it down and focus on them several times a day with words, pictures and emotions as if we’ve already achieved them.”

I couldn’t lie to myself that every week, when I feel my ‘burning sensation’ has slightly goes down, I will let myself alone for awhile and do my meditation. Sometimes I do it before I sleep at night. What I did mostly is read books or writes down what ever feeling in my blog. Although almost all of the writing, I just save it for draft, I make sure that all the feeling pouring can really be expressed through the words and the next time I read it back, I found that I have make my own words of wisdom. It turns out to be my rule of life. By the time it reach 100, I’ll compiled it all and give it to any publisher who have great interest toward my writing. Insya Allah.

In Surah Ali Imran: 3, Allah SWT stressed that; we, who are enjoin for right and forbid what is wrong and have faith in Allah SWT, are the best nation ever produced for mankind. I want myself to be part of it and my journey has to start from now. I can say that when any of us has find a path to the top, with Iman and Islam at heart, nothing is a matter, you just have to climb higher and higher.

P/s: Just additional quotation from my favorite ‘manga’ that give me inspiration to struggle to the end… =)

What should a man not chosen by God do? There is an answer that only a man that kept struggling until the end can see…

[Sakuraba, Eye Shield 21]

If you’re lacking the talent, ask for others’ help without shame, even if you have to bear the contempt of the one you love in order to get to the top, bear it…In order to quench this thirst, that is the burning sensation which every man had in order to climb to the top.

[Gaou Rikiya, Eye Shield 21]

Finishes write at 1.25 am, Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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