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May 16, 2009

By: Dr^Waqipedia

My book collection has increased to more than 65 books which I divided them into several divisions according to the field. Actually all the books that I kept are the chosen one. I didn’t simply buy any book and claimed it as my collection. I keep certain books which have values for my own self-improvement towards future. Abraham Lincoln himself has his own library which contained all his book collection since young. For me, book is still the essence or source of knowledge although internet has slightly replace book’s function. Since centuries ago, books are one of the main components that influence and change the mind of all the leaders in this world. The leaders, aspirated by the books plus experiences they gain for several years help them to climb up to the top and lead the world.

From that, I realize the big potential of books towards society and myself. Alhamdulillah, my parent has taught me to love and prioritize books since young although the interest towards books and reading became lesser when I took SPM and A-Level. However, age taught me how important books and reading interest have got to do with my life. It helped me unconsciously to go through hardships; it gave me inspiration and widened my vision.

Since a year ago, I learned to spend RM50 every month to buy books at any bookstores especially MPH which I had registered myself as members in order to get special discount for certain occasions. Of course, I didn’t buy books blindly but go through the MPH online to search the bestseller books in certain fields that I interested most such as business and investing, self-improvement, Islamic journals, world’s politic and history and also art. For that, since the number of books has increased, I have got to buy a new big shelf to place all the books inside.

Having all those books won’t be much benefit for me if I couldn’t utilize the knowledge inside into my life or at least help me to go through the life. I started to write blogs which almost all of the writings, I saved them into draft although lately, I gradually get back to all the drafts and try to re-write it back. Reading and writing are both related; work together as check and balance. Reading gave me input but in order to maintain the input inside my brain, I need to exchange it with others. And the best way is through writing and discussion.

I look forward to write as much as I can, whether about the books I read or any idea that aspirated from them. Insya Allah, when the time comes, I hope I can compile it all together and publish it into my own books. I want to share my knowledge, experiences and idea to my society and world.

Personally, discussion for me is not only through writing or chatting with friends but also through public speaking. I have gone through several steps in my life in order to improve my public speaking to be the best orator in the world. I will talk about it in my other post.

Finishes write at 9.36 pm, Thursday, April 30, 2009


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